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We would like to offer you a great ibex hunting in Spain and Mallorca 

  Spain is famous for mountain hunting for Gredos ibex, Beceite ibex, Sierrra Nevada Ibex, Ronda ibex, Red deer and Falow deer, mouflon, Cantabrian and Pyrenean chamois, Barbary sheep, as well a wonderful hunt on the island of Mallorca for Boc Balear! Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer the best hunting areas and a 100% guarantee of trophy extraction.

  Hunting in Spain can be individual and group up to 20 hunters in one time! And if you come with your family, this trip will be a great family trip. I spend the tours from the beginning to the end of it, and I do everything to make your stay interesting and unforgettable.

  The price of the tour depends on the size of the animal that you want to get and living conditions. This may be the golden trophy of Gredos ibex and accommodation in 5 * hotels or a real wild bow hunt for a wild mouflon with accommodation in tents in a wild forest.

In our YouTube channel you can see the places where we spend hunting: clike heare 


   Book now your trip to Spain online and ask season offers and collective discounts ! 

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