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Lynx Tours Hunting and Travel service company - since 2007, as one of the best hunting outfitters creating a first-class hunting experience.  Now we organize our hunting big games, driven hunts and birds shooting on 23 different privet territories and 6 National Parks in all Spain and Mallorca island.


Thanks, a quality of our work and many years of experience, we received many hunters from Europe, Russia, America and Asia. We have good group of professionals hunting guides and professional hunters, experts in the international hunting and hospitality industry. Our operation is based on a complete assistance since the client arrives to the Spanish territory until he leaves the country. In this way, the client always feels the personal and warm assistance of a team focused on his satisfaction.


On our hunting site, you will learn all about hunting in Spain, and we will be happy to share our experience, tell you about hunting traditions, and also offer you the best conditions and good prices for hunting in all Spain and Mallorca island.


Hunting in Spain and Mallorca is not just a passion for millions of people, but a centuries-old tradition today. In this country, a large number of wild animals compared to other European countries, where you can hunt all year round. Hunting in the summer is not inferior to its variety of hunting in the winter season. If we open the map of Spain, we will see that hunting areas, reserves and parks are covered evenly throughout the country. Here you can get four subspecies of the Pyrenean wild goat or correctly call ibex - Gredos ibex, Sierra Nevada ibex, Beceite Ibex, Ronda Ibex or Iberian Red Deer, European fallow deer, Iberian mouflon, roe deer, wild boar, Barbary Sheep - Arrui, on Majorca island you can hunt Balearean Goat or other name Balearian Boc. Biggest driven hunts – Monteria bring thousands  hunters from all part of the world every year.  Famous birds shooting – ojeo, pheasant and red leg partridge hunting, thrush hunting, woodcock hunting, hunting with dogs, even falconry hunt.


We will be glad to see you among our customers and we are sure that after hunting for a long time we will become friends.


LYNX Tours - Safari and Travel Service

Tel: +34 633 406 654


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