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The Siberian Chukotkan Moose are the largest known Moose species in the world with wide palmated antlers, and are only found in this region of the upper Kamchatka of the extreme eastern part of the Russian Far East. Moose in the Magadan region the biologist have classified as a different sub specie and ranges to the West, to Yakutsk having smaller bodies and antlers. The average moose has a spread of 61 inches / 155 cm, although each year a few of our hunters take moose of 70-72 inches / 178-183 cm in spread. The weight of such antlers can be up to 100 pounds / 55 kg. Hunting the Chukotkan Moose requires a lot of travel to get there but there are helicopters in some locations throughout this region and this is where we will be based to have this support for our hunts. Hunters will be moved with fixed wing aircraft, boats, or helicopter to populations of trophy Moose. Weather in Kamchatka during daylight hours the temperature in November, December is from -4 to 5°F / - 20 to 15°C and during nighttime from - 15°F to - 8°F / - 25 to -20°C.

Moose Hunting in KAMCHATKA

  • 2 days hunting 2x1 - 3 days stay in - Fool Board
    Trophies Price:
    Up to Silver trophy: 5.000 €
    Gold trophy: 7.000 €
    Selective female 1000 €

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