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Although came to a point of extinction over most of its range around late 19th century, Alpine ibex today can be found throughout the Swiss, French, Austrian, German and Italian Alps. There can be an ample difference at elevations the Alpine ibex can be found and hunted due to seasonal migrations. Their summer and winter ranges can vary between 6000-11500 feet (1800-3500m) depending on the time of year. Season starts by early August ends by the end of November. Best time for an Alpine ibex hunt can be a debatable matter. While earlier periods offer enjoyable hunting in a beautiful surroundings, later periods in November when the rut occurs, is more likely the produce exceptional trophies. Horns of fully mature male Alpine ibex normally reach to a horn length of 85-95 cm (33-37”), exceeding the 100cm (39,5”) mark very rarely. As with most European countries that has a long hunting history and tradition, both Switzerland and Austria adopted the CIC system and follow it to record trophies. The CIC scoring method for ibex is a complex system that takes a number of objective and subjective assessments into account other than merely length and circumference. Judging the trophies by CIC, any head over 150 points should be considered an outstanding trophy.

Alpine ibex in Austria

  • 2 days hunting 1x1 - 3 days stay in - Fool Board
    Trophies price:

    bronce-medal till 150 CIC points 8.950 €
    silver-medal 157 CIC points 10.750 €
    gold-medal 165 CIC points 11.550 €
    every continuing point 425 €

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