Siberian roebuck are closely related to the roebuck we have in Europe but grow much larger, both in body and trophy size. It is therefore without doubt that this exciting hunt for big Siberian roebuck during their rut, will exert a great pull on the traveling hunter with a weakness for buck hunting. A fully grown buck will typically reach a weight of between 40 - 50kg. and the average trophy weight is somewhere between 700 and 900g. Every year bucks are also taken that are well over 1,000g - a really outstanding trophy.


  • 6 days hunting 1x1 - 9 days stay in - Fool Board
    Price for Siberian Roebuck:
    up to 800 gr.          -  3550
    801 gr - 1000 gr.   -   4250
    1001 gr. and more -   5000

    Second and next trophy 
    up to       800 gr.   - 1100 
    801 gr - 1000 gr.  - 1.500 
    1001 gr. and more - 2000